EDAMAME Soybeans in the pod 5.75

VEGETABLE TEMPURA APPETIZER Various vegetables deep fried in tempura batter 14.00

AGE DOFU Fried tofu 7.50

HOUSE SALAD Lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes with our ginger dressing sm 3.75/lg 8.00

SEAWEED SALAD Various types of seaweed & cucumbers 7.50

VEGGIE SUNOMONO cucumbers and fresh wakame seaweed salad in ponzu 9.00

KINOKO TOUBAN SAKAMUSHI Shimeji, maitake, and shitake mushrooms cooked in touban dish with sake, soy sauce, and ghee butter 13.50

roll options

ASPARAGUS TEMPURA ROLL Asparagus tempura wrapped in seaweed, rice and sesame seeds (add avocado on top) 10.00/13.00

CUCUMBER AVOCADO ROLL avocado, cucumber, seaweed, and a choice of:

  • Goma (sesame seeds) 7.50
  • Plain 7.00
  • Crunchy tempura flakes 7.50

VEGGIE ROLL cucumber, avocado, and pickled vegetables wrapped in seaweed 10.00

AVO MAKI avocado roll 7.00

KAPPA MAKI cucumber roll 7.00

SHINKO MAKI Pickled burdock & daikon radish 7.00

KAMPYO MAKI Gourd strips 7.00

UME JISO Japanese cucumber with pickled plum & ooba leaf 7.00


*Served with a large house salad*

VEGETABLE SUSHI 7 pieces of vegetable sushi and 3 pieces of a veggie roll (can be made vegan upon request) 28.00

VEGETARIAN TERIYAKI vegetables sautéed in teriyaki sauce served with rice 15.00