KINOKO TOUBAN SAKAMUSHI Shimeji, maitake, and shitake mushrooms cooked in touban dish with sake, soy sauce, and ghee butter 15.00

    TUNA TATAKI Seared cubed tuna served with our spicy hybrid sauce 16.50

    TORI KARA AGE Japanese style fried chicken nuggets 8.75

    BABY OCTOPUS KARA AGE 5 pieces of Japanese style fried baby octopus with a side of house fish sauce 15.00

    AVOCADO KAMA Avocado topped with shrimp, imitation crab & our special spicy sauce 9.50

    TEMPURA SPIDER Soft shell crab tempura with vegetables 15.00

    GYU TATAKI Thinly sliced seared filet mignon (very rare) with roasted garlic & ponzu 17.00

    ATARIME Grilled squid jerky aged, sundried, and marinated. Great with booze other than wine! Half 9.00 Whole 17.00

    GYOZA Five cripsy fried chicken and vegetable dumplings 7.50

    SHRIMP TEMPURA APPETIZER Two jumbo shrimp & vegetables deep fried in tempura batter 19.00

    VEGETABLE TEMPURA APPETIZER Various vegetables deep fried in tempura batter 16.50 

    ESCOLAR KUSHIYAKI Two skewers of cubed escolar rock grilled 14.00

    ABURI CHASHU Pressure cooked pork belly rock grilled & served with Japanese hot mustard 17.00

    EDAMAME Soybeans in the pod 6.75

    CHAMP’S SASHIMI Choice of albacore or salmon sashimi quickly marinated in jalapeño soy sauce (Request from former F1 Superbike champion Kevin Schwantz) 18.50

    AGE DOFU Fried tofu served with tempura sauce 8.50

    BAKUDAN MUSSELS (Mussels Dynamite) Five mussels on half shells baked with our spicy sauce 16.00

    SAKE KAMA SHIO YAKI Grilled salmon cheek (takes time to grill) 13.00

    IKA NO SANSAI AE Marinated squid salad with wild vegetables 7.25

    GINDARA SAIKYO YAKI Grilled Alaskan black cod marinated in saikyo miso (takes time to grill) 22.00

    SAKE KAZUZUKE Sake rees marinated grilled salmon fillet (takes time to grill) 17.00

    HOUSE SALAD Lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes with our ginger dressing sm 5.50/lg 9.50

    SEAWEED SALAD Various types of seaweed & cucumbers 8.50

    SUNOMONO Cucumbers and fresh wakame seaweed salad in ponzu with your choice of: surf clam, octopus, shrimp, vegetarian, salmon skin 10.00 with snow crab 37.00

    MISO SOUP Soy bean soup with tofu & scallions 4.00

    E N T R É E S

    NABEYAKI UDON Udon noodle soup with shrimp tempura cooked and served in a clay pot 25.00

    SANSAI UDON Udon noodle soup with maitake, shiitake, and shimeji mushrooms, tofu skin, and sansai vegetables served in a clay pot 21.50

    CURRY NANBAN Tokyo retro curry udon noodle soup with shrimp and ysai kakiage tempura 25.00

    KATSU CURRY Your choice of breaded and deep fried chicken or center cut pork served on top of rice with spicy curry 30.00 (Extra spicy available on request: Stage 2-3)

    DIAMOND STEAK Cubed tenderloin (7 oz) with teriyaki sauce and vegetables 45.00

    SURF AND TURF Grilled filet mignon (7 oz) with roasted garlic & shrimp teriyaki 50.00

    LEMON CHICKEN Grilled chicken breast sautéed with lemon rosemary sauce & vegetables 30.00

    CHICKEN TERIYAKI Grilled chicken sautéed in teriyaki sauce & vegetables 30.00

    SALMON TERIYAKI 8 oz filet grilled & sautéed in teriyaki sauce & vegetables 34.00

    GRILLED SALMON 8 oz filet grilled & sautéed with lemon rosemary sauce & vegetables 34.00

    SHOKADO BENTO Combination of sushi, chicken kiji yaki, salmon teriyaki, tempura & more 55.00

    UNAJU Grilled unagi served over a bed of rice in a ju box 35.00

    TORI KATSU Japanese style fried chicken breast served with Worcestershire sauce & tartar sauce 30.00

    TEMPURA DINNER Five jumbo shrimp, asparagus, yam, broccoli tempura battered and fried 38.00


    SUSHI REGULAR (Nami Nigiri) 7 pieces of sushi and 3 pieces of a California roll 35.00

    SUSHI DELUXE (Jo Nigiri) 7 pieces of sushi and 2 pieces of a futo maki (3 pieces of spicy tuna, spicy salmon, or California can be substituted for futo maki upon request) 40.00

    VEGETABLE SUSHI 7 pieces of vegetable sushi and 3 pieces of a veggie roll (can be made vegan upon request) 28.00

    SUPER DELUXE (Tokujo Nigiri) 10 pieces of sushi & a traditional roll 60.00

    SUSHI/SASHIMI COMBO Same as Sushi Deluxe plus an assortment of sashimi 55.00

    OMAKASE Chef’s choice of extreme assortment of the day per person 150.00+


    SASHIMI MORIAWASE Special assortment for two or more 70.00+

    SASHIMI DELUXE Individual size assortment of sashimi (for one) 35.00


    TORO HAGASHI Fatty tuna without vein (Our house special) market price

    TORO ABURI Seared fatty tuna market price

    FATTY TUNA Chu Toro/Toro/ O’Toro/Kama Toro market price

    TEKONE ZUSHI (Authentic) Fatty tuna wrapped in pickled mustard greens 6.50

    BIG EYE TUNA Mabachi Maguro (Northeast - Our house tuna) 5.00

    BLUEFIN TUNA Hon Maguro 6.75

    BINCHO MAGURO (Bin Naga) Albacore tuna (seared on the side) 4.75

    NAMA SAKE Fresh salmon 5.00

    SAKE TORO Fatty salmon 6.50

    SUICIDE SALMON Salmon topped with habanero infused smelt caviar and Thai chili peppers 6.00

    SAKE TORO DIABLO Fatty salmon topped with habanero infused smelt caviar and Serrano peppers 7.00

    HAMACHI Yellowtail jack 4.75

    HAMACHI KAMA Yellowtail cheek (Best part of yellowtail) 8.00

    SUZUKI Baja sea bass (Striped bass) 5.00

    SHIMA ZUSHI Hot chili, soy sauce marinated O Shima Island style 4.75

    MADAI (Tai) Red snapper (Kagoshima, Japan) 8.50

    SABA Mackerel (Norway) topped with your choice of ginger or pickled plum 4.75

    HOTATE Hokkaido scallop 6.50

    UNI Sea urchin (Santa Barbara) 18

    TANIN BUNE Sea urchin and salmon caviar 18.00

    ESCOLAR Super white tuna 4.75

    SPICY SCALLOP Hokkiaido scallop with avocado and spicy sauce 6.00

    MASAGO Smelt caviar 4.00

    IKURA (Sujiko) Salmon caviar 7.00

    TOBIKO Flying fish caviar 5.75




    A5 SEARED 100% JAPANESE WAGYU RIBEYE Koji (malted rice) aged market price


    HOKKI GAI Surf clam (Canada) 3.50


    EBI Shrimp with tobiko caviar 4.00

    SNOW CRAB Zuwaigani 13.00


    BABY OCTOPUS Whole baby octopus 3.50

    TAKO Octopus 4.50

    YAKI ANAGO Grilled saltwater eel with salt and yuzu (Japanese lime) or sweet eel sauce 5.50

    UNAGI Fresh water eel 4.50

    TAMAGO Egg omelette cooked with Japanese mountain potato 3.75


    RAINBOW ROLL California roll (imitation crab, cucumber, avocado, seaweed) topped with tuna, salmon, shrimp, escolar & avocado 18.00

    SPIDER ROLL Deep-fried soft shell crab & smelt caviar wrapped in seaweed 16.00

    SPIDER ROLL EVO Tempura battered deep-fried soft shell crab & smelt caviar wrapped in seaweed, served with tempura sauce 17.00

    ROCK AND ROLL Jumbo shrimp tempura, smelt caviar, avocado wrapped in seaweed 16.00

    MARILYN MON-ROLL A generous amount of unagi, avocado & seaweed 17.00

    OZZY ROLL Unagi, shrimp, avocado, seaweed & cucumber 17.00

    OZZY II ROLL Unagi, yellowtail, seaweed & avocado 17.00

    ELVIS ROLL Tuna, yellowtail, avocado, cucumber, seaweed & lettuce 17.00

    EVEL KNIEVEL ROLL Salmon, avocado, cucumber, seaweed, ooba leaf & lemon zest 17.00

    SALMON SKIN ROLL Toasted salmon skin, cucumber, pickled burdock, sweet red radish, seaweed with sesame seeds and dried bonito flakes 16.00

    ALASKAN ROLL Smoked salmon, avocado, seaweed, and cucumber with smelt caviar 14.00

    PHILLY ROLL Alaskan roll with cream cheese 14.50

    HAWAIIAN ROLL Tuna, avocado, seaweed, and cucumber with sesame seeds 15.00

    CATERPILLAR ROLL California roll with avocado wrapped on the outside and drizzled with eel sauce or sub eel for imitation crab 14.00/20.00

    ASPARAGUS TEMPURA ROLL Asparagus tempura wrapped in seaweed, rice and sesame seeds (add avocado on top) 10.00/13.00

    CALIFORNIA ROLL Imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, seaweed, and a choice of:

    • A. Tobiko (flying fish caviar) 13.00
    • B. Masago (smelt caviar) 12.00
    • C. Goma (sesame seeds) 10.00
    • D. Plain 9.00
    • E. Crunchy tempura flakes 9.50

    ROAD RUNNER Your choice of fresh salmon or soft shell crab rolled with seaweed, squid ink infused sushi rice, habanero caviar, chives, topped with avocado and tempura flakes, served with hybrid sauce 22.00

    BIG SOUTHERN Tuna, habanero infused caviar, chives rolled in squid ink rice, seaweed, topped with avocado and tempura flakes, served with hybrid sauce 22.00

    TEXAS ROAD KILL Your choice of tuna or salmon rolled with seaweed, avocado & cucumber, topped with jalapeño, habanero & orange smelt caviar, served with spicy sauce 22.00

    TEXAS HYBRID Your choice of tuna or salmon rolled with rice paper, seaweed, flying fish caviar, avocado & chives, sprinkled with sesame seeds & served with hybrid sauce 22.00

    SPICY SPIDER ROLL Soft shell crab, smelt caviar, chives, seaweed, wrapped with avocado on the outside & served with spicy sauce 20.00

    SOUTH SIDER Your choice of unagi or yellowtail rolled with rice paper, seaweed, habanero caviar, mint leaf, avocado & red sweet radish 20.00

    BLACK SABBATH Jumbo shrimp tempura, habanero caviar, radish sprouts & squid ink infused sushi rice wrapped in seaweed, served with jalapeño soy sauce 18.00

    BLACK WIDOW Deep-fried soft shell crab, habanero caviar, Japanese mayonnaise & squid ink infused sushi rice wrapped in seaweed, served with jalapeño soy sauce 18.00

    BLUE SMOKE Tempura triple smoked soft shell crab stuffed with blue cheese & haberno cavier 20.00

    BUMBLE BEE Your choice of unagi or yellowtail, pickled jalapeño, with seaweed & avocado topped with black & gold flying fish caviar 17.00

    34 SPECIAL Your choice of salmon or tuna rolled with seaweed, habanero caviar, chives & topped with red & black flying fish caviar, served with jalapeño soy sauce (Dedicated to F1 bike champ Kevin Schwantz of Austin, Texas) 18.00

    GOOD TIME ROLL Spicy crawfish, seaweed & cucumber with avocado & sesame seeds, served with hybrid sauce 20.00

    SPICY CRAWFISH TEMPURA ROLL Spicy crawfish, seaweed & avocado tempura battered & fried, served with spicy hybrid sauce 20.00

    SPICY ROLL Rolled with avocado, seaweed and cucumber with your choice of:

    • A. Tuna
    • B. Salmon
    • C. Shrimp
    • D. Scallop

    (Choice of sesame seeds, caviar, or tempura flakes on top) 18.00


    TORO TAKU Fatty tuna roll with pickled radish 10.00

    NEGITORO Fatty tuna with scallions 10.00

    NEGIHAMA Yellowtail with scallions 9.00

    SALMON SKIN HOSOMAKI Crispy salmon skin with pickled shiso & pickled cucumber 8.50

    TEKKA MAKI Tuna 9.00

    BENI TORO Salmon with ooba leaf & scallions 9.00

    KAPPA MAKI Japanese cucumber 7.00

    TANIN MAKI Salmon roe & sea urchin 24.00

    SHINKO MAKI Pickled burdock & daikon radish 7.00

    U MAKI Unagi with cucumber 9.00

    GEDO MAKI Mackerel with scallions 9.00

    KAMPYO MAKI Gourd strips 7.00

    UME JISO Japanese cucumber with pickled plum & ooba leaf 7.00


    SPICY HAND ROLLS Cucumber & avocado with our special spicy sauce - Your choice of tuna, salmon, shrimp, or scallop 10.00

    TORO TAKU Fatty tuna & pickled radish 9.50

    SPICY SPIDER Softshell crab, avocado & smelt caviar with our spicy sauce 10.00

    SPIDER Soft shell crab, spicy radish sprouts & smelt caviar 10.00

    NEGITORO Fatty tuna & ooba leaf 10.00

    NEGIHAMA Yellowtail & scallions 9.25

    SABA Mackerel,ooba leaf & scallions 8.00

    SALMON SKIN With cucumber & bonito flakes 8.50

    OZZY Shrimp, unagi, cucumber & smelt caviar 10.00

    ROCK AND ROLL Shrimp tempura, lettuce, avocado & smelt caviar 10.00

    Choice of: sea urchin, salmon caviar, or both

    UNI Sea urchin 18

    IKURA Salmon roe 13

    TANIN Sea urchin, salmon roe, and ooba leaf 24


    JALAPENO SOY SAUCE We pick out the meanest jalapenos each day and infuse them in nikiri sauce 2.00

    NIKIRI Authentic edomae (Tokyo) style - dried bonito and kelp marinated in our house soy sauce - slightly sweeter 2.00

    PONZU Soy sauce vinaigrette - great with white fish 1.00

    YUZU PONZU Yuzu lime and lemon juice - great with white fish or clams 1.00

    SPICY SAUCE Japanese mayonnaise based sauce blended with spice and caviar 2.00

    HYBRID SAUCE Japanese mayonnaise based sauce blended with spice, caviar, and cilantro 2.00

    RED SAUCE Non-mayonnaise based red chili sauce 1.00

    FRESH WASABI Use it directly on sushi or sashimi. Do not mix in soy sauce. Please keep covered to preserve quality. 2.50

    TAMARI House blend gluten-free soy sauce

    *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

    +All seafood items served are certified by Marine Stewarding Counsel for environmental sustainability.

    ++20% gratuity will be added for parties of 5 or more